Getting and installing LeapMotionP5

While the recent post about using LeapMotionP5 discussed using the library it did not explain how to install it.

The installation for use with Processing is the same as for all user-contributed Processing libraries.

There are instructions for this here.

Basically, you locate your sketchbook folder (which the default location to where you save your Processing sketches) and within that folder there should be a “libraries” folder. That “libraries” folder holds all 3rd-party libraries.

The source code for LeapMotionP5 is up on Github and you can grab that source and manually install the appropriate files into your Processing libraries folder. This would be tedious. The repo includes a “downloads” folder that contains a zip file of the ready-to-install library (currently “”).

Github does not make it easy to just download this file. You can get it by checking out the repo, but to make life easier I am also hosting the zipped distrubtable version here on Leap Hacking.

Over on the Downloads page you’ll be able to get the latest release of LeapMotionP5.

You can then download this file, move or copy to over to your Processing libraries folder, and extract it there. It should create a LeapMotionP5 folder containing all the files you need.

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